COP21 Paris Agreement In Review


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I returned from COP21 last week with a great sense of optimism.

After years of political negotiations, countless drafts, displays of thought-provoking art installations and activist demonstrations—or lack thereof—195 countries found common ground in Paris. What resulted was the formation of an iconic covenant on climate change.

The Paris Agreement holds the world’s countries responsible for reducing their carbon emissions to ensure the planet will be able to maintain a temperature of under two degrees Celsius. To shed some light on how the agreement will impact the world at large, here are articles and videos from six environmental leaders' and their review of COP21:

Pembina Institute1. Pembina Institute
Executive Director, Ed Whittingham, shares a video message:

"I think people will find that the accord, and specifically its aspirational goal around keeping warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, actually exceeded expectations."

Environmental Defence2. Environmental Defence Canada
The Paris Agreement: A Historic Moment Driven by a Historic Movement:

"The agreement is the first global accord on climate change that fully acknowledges the science of climate change."

Équiterre3. Équiterre
A historic agreement for the climate in Paris:

"For the first time, every country in the world is bound by an agreement that will force them to turn away from fossil fuels and to develop clean economies and renewable energies."

WWF Canada4. WWF Canada
World climate change agreement brings benefits for nature and people:

"Globally, and at home in Canada, making this a success means national and provincial governments, cities, businesses and citizens around the world will need to work together for nature, our true wealth."
—David Miller, CEO.

David Suzuki Foundation5. David Suzuki Foundation
We are hopeful that the landmark Paris Agreement will translate into global climate action:

"The government of Canada has pledged to provide new, more ambitious national targets within 90 days of the Paris Agreement. That clock begins now and ends March 11, 2016."

IISD6. International Institute for Sustainable Development
Summary of the Paris Climate Change Conference:

"The ambitious goals of the Agreement, five-year review cycles, and the transparency framework were welcomed by many as much-needed signals to markets to enable investments to be redirected to low-carbon and climate-resilient development."

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Laurie Simmonds

Laurie Simmonds
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