Farm Fresh Fare Guide

Irresistible recipes that make the most of local ingredients

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You’re probably aware that eating local food is healthier, more environmentally friendly and just plain better tasting. Green Living believes that being a locavore – a word for someone who eats food that is grown within 100-mile radius from home – also has a tremendous impact on our sense of well-being. Whether we recognize it or not, strong community bonds are formed when we shop for food from sources who live just around the corner.

Buying local supports micro-scale farmers in Ontario, cycling money through the community and ensuring a lifetime of the freshest, greenest, easily accessible, affordable good eats possible. Of course, we may not recognize this in the moment; we’re just enjoying a leisurely trip to the local market with our family, a conversation with our local butcher, or biting into an exquisite strawberry tenderly grown by farmer Smith. This kind of community experience, the social glue of life, is just another perk of eating local.

Three years ago, along with Evergreen and Slow Food, we created Farm Fresh Fare (FFF), a sampling venue at the Green Living Show that showcases local food provided by Ontario farmers and prepared by talented chefs. We were inspired by food fairs like those put on by Evergreen. Thanks to Toyota Canada’s support, for just $2 a sample, anyone can experience the benefits of eating sustainable, local food. The broad swath of FFF participants – from Hearty Catering and Marben to two community kitchens, The Stop Community Food Centre and FoodShare – demonstrates that there really are no limits to who can eat local.

We created a guide to local food with support from the Ontario Market Investment Fund. Please reference it year-round — we hope that you’re inspired to shop and cook local at home as often as possible. Also, so you can experience how delicious cooking with local food can be, here are eight FFF recipes that were served at the 2011 Green Living Show.

Enjoy these recipes published in the 2011 Farm Fresh Fare Guide!