Greener than Green: Meet the SuperLeaf that’s Better for Your Bod - and the Planet

Photo: istock: SKunevski
Have you heard of Moringa Oleifera yet?

Traditionally known as the Tree of Life, or Miracle Tree, Moringa has long been used as a natural medicine in the tropical and sub-tropical regions where it grows. That’s because all parts of the Moringa tree, from the roots, to the bark, to the seeds and seed pods have medicinal value, not the least of which, the leaves. Moringa leaves are widely held to be the world’s most nutritious.

In an independent lab test by Brunswick Laboratories, Moringa leaves outscored other superfood contenders, including açaí berry, for a place at the top of the antioxidant charts. One of the few complete protein plant foods, Moringa leaves rank with hemp and soy for amino acid quality and density. They are an outstanding source of vitamin A, contain more calcium per calorie than milk, more iron than spinach, more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, more vitamin E than almonds and just 10 grams of the leaf powder contains your daily requirement for vitamin B2.

Dr. Monica Marcu, author of Miracle Tree, explains that researchers are discovering in this simple leaf rare concentrations of anti-aging and disease fighting compounds, including zeatin, betasitosterol, lutein and zeaxanthin. Type “Moringa” into a PubMed search and you’ll turn up over 600 published studies. Researchers are keenly interested in the pharmacological applications of Moringa for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Anecdotally, the leaf powder has a reputation as an energizer. Many users say it leaves them feeling satisfied longer, curbing appetite. The growing international market for Moringa is creating business opportunities for farmers in the world’s poorest regions: Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America. And unusually, these opportunities are sustainable – for the environment and for poorer communities.

That’s because Moringa is an ideal crop for small-scale, low-capital farmers. Evolving to grow under harsh conditions (without GMO intervention), Moringa thrives on marginal soil, is fast-growing, and has little to no need for pesticides or irrigation. The crushed seeds of the tree are used to purify water, and the leaves help treat malnutrition and disease. The charity, Organics4Orphans, is one of several spreading the cultivation and use of Moringa to build immune support.

While the tree is easy to grow organically and without GMOs, preparing the leaves for export can create challenges. Leaves that are shade dried or sun dried over days are exposed to contaminants. These Moringa powders often fail Health Canada required purity tests and must be irradiated, destroying fragile nutrients. SuperLeaf™ Moringa has solved this problem by sourcing the powder from the Nicamanos Farm in Nicaragua. Owned and run by Jacobo Arguello, Nicamanos is renowned for having perfected the growing and drying technique. Nourished in nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil, their leaves go from field to packet in hours and are prepared under pristine conditions. SuperLeaf™ Moringa is never irradiated. It’s raw, vegan, 100% USDA organic, non-GMO, non-oxidized, free from fillers, preservatives and gluten.

Find out how to incorporate the benefits of SuperLeaf™ Moringa in to your diet here and support the work of Organics4Orphans with every purchase.

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