The natural makeover diet

You’re not so vain

Our faces don’t lie. You can determine the state of a woman’s health simply by looking at her skin, hair, and nails. Try as we might, no amount or makeup will work to change those suitcases under our eyes or the alligator skin on our hands.

If we are sick or run down on the inside, it always shows up on the outside in a myriad of ways such as bags under the eyes, dry skin, brittle nails, premature wrinkling, excess weight, or difficulty losing weight.

Unfortunately, the norm today is to cover up the signs of poor health instead of addressing them. Women of all ages are turning to external quick fixes such as makeup, tanning beds, and even risky surgical procedures in the name of beauty.

The key to looking our best is to deal with our inside health first. Once we start taking care of our internal health, natural beauty shines through. For women searching to enhance their looks, the process of “finding their natural pretty” with nutritious food, proper exercise, the right minerals, vitamins, and fats, is the most effective and long-lasting makeover available. The following steps will kick-start your natural makeover.

Fantastic Fish Oils
The omega-3 fats found in fish and fish oils have been shown to have “anti-wrinkle” benefits. Low-mercury fish include sole, halibut, sardines, canned light tuna (which has much less mercury in comparison to white tuna) and wild salmon. For best skin and hair results, supplement with two to three grams of a high-quality fish oil supplement daily.

Lively Lycopene
A chemical responsible for the rich, red colour of tomatoes, lycopene has antioxidant effects that enhance the look and feel of your skin. In addition, it provides protection against a variety of cancers such as prostate, rectum, and colon cancer. Lycopene is best absorbed in the presence of fat, so adding a small amount of olive oil to your tomato or tomato-based products will strengthen its powerful disease-fighting effects.

Beautiful Blueberries
Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Center have found that blueberries rank number one in antioxidant activity when compared to 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals that can lead to cancer and aging of the skin.

Fabulous Fats
Additional fats necessary for internal health and external beauty include the monounsaturated fat, extra virgin olive oil, for cooking and avocados, which can be used as a dip or cut up in salads. Essential omega-3 fats to incorporate in the diet include omega-3 eggs (one egg contains 400 mg of omega-3 compared to 63 mg in a regular egg), nuts such as almonds and walnuts, seeds, flax, and flaxseed oil.

Dousing Inflammation
Foods that cause inflammation (pro-inflammatory) will accelerate the aging process making healthy-looking skin and internal health more difficult to achieve. Pro-inflammatory foods include trans fatty acids (found in partially hydrogenated products such as margarine, chips, packaged foods), red meat, white sugar, caffeine, full-fat cheeses and refined flours.

It is not vain to want to look our best. But to achieve that natural glow, we must first take care of the “inside factor of health.” In addition to these natural beauty steps, regular exercise, a daily intake of distilled water (six to eight glasses per day), stress management techniques, and loading up on a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and whole grains will help you achieve a radiant complexion, soft hair, strong nails, and a fit and lean body.

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Joey Shulman, DC, RNCP is author of Winning the Food Fight (Wiley 2003) and The Natural Makeover Diet. For more information, visit

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