Product Review: Igloo Zip

Photo: Photo courtesy of Icebreakers
A natural alternative to synthetic activewear

Company: icebreaker

Item(s) tested & price: Igloo Zip (Around $200.00; varies per retailer)

Where can the item be purchased? At select retailers — to find them, click here.

What is the claim of the product: All the softness of pure merino, for instant warmth. Icebreaker’s a new natural, luxurious alternative to synthetic fleece.

How to use the product? You wear it just like a jacket— but make sure you take care of it by doing the following:

•   Use warm or cool machine wash on normal cycle

•   Wash separately first (after 2-3 days use) to remove any loose fibres

•   Wash with like colours

•   Wash with other hard fabrics to remove fluff

•   Never use a fabric softener

•   Do not use detergents with bleach

•   Do not tumble dry — dry flat in the shade or on the clothes line


What was great about the product:

•   We put the Igloo Zip on a runner during a brisk fall day. Of she went and after a 7 km run, she was sweating but the inside of the jacket was dry. She also said she did not feel the need to take the Igloo Zip off; if felt comfortable and moved with her.

•   When we took a smell of the jacket after our runner had done her best to sweat through it; we noticed that it didn’t smell as much when compared to a normal cotton sweat shirt. Why? The merino wool breaths more than a cotton fabric. See how the technology works here.

•   It is made from merino wool from New Zealand, a renewable resource that is also biodegradable. The sheep that make the wool graze in free-range pastures year round.

•   No animal cruelty. The company even have the same requirements for the dogs that heard the sheep. The farmers that supply the wool must adhere to these.

•   Our garment came with a unique barcode that allowed us to trace the wool back to a specific sheep.

•   The tags on the garment were printed with vegetable inks on 100% recycled paper.

What was NOT so great about the product:

•   We would love to have been able to determine whether the sheep were from organic-certified farms.

Grade from Green Living: A (A great product that is durable, comfortable and gave us confidence that the material is sustainable and the practices are Mother Earth–friendly).