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Bathroom Design Ideas That Pay For Themselves

There’s nothing special about this bathroom, but there will be. The owners were planning an update that would make the small bathroom look less dated, but we asked if we could show them easy ways to make the bathroom green. We’re not talking about painting the walls a lovely shade of sage, we mean bathroom design ideas that will immediately save the owners money. Check out the other small bathroom makeovers we’ve featured in this section on green bathroom remodeling.

The bathroom consumes the most water in the house, and water costs continue to rise in most municipalities. We’ll show you simple and stylish ways to use less water when shopping for faucets, toilets and shower kits.

You can save energy in the bathroom by choosing to pay less for LED or CFL lighting, adding insulation (check out the best insulation choices), installing a programmable thermostat and reducing costs with efficient water heating.

So stay tuned we’ll show you how this bathroom makeover comes together, from demolition to the big reveal.