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Save While You Shower

Would you believe that bathroom remodeling gives better returns than the stock market? Well, that is if you’re willing to look at the numbers when choosing a toilet, bathroom faucet and shower. (Nice progress, eh? Contractor Chris Vanderwal is rolling along well helping us green this small bathroom!)

The key is to look for bathroom fixtures that promote water conservation. Take toilets, for example. If you switch out an old 13-litres-per-flush toilet for one that uses 6 litres—or less—you’re going to get that back every time you flush. One household slashed their water bills by 70 percent when they upgraded two small bathrooms.

Here’s what to look for in bathroom accessories:


In many homes, toilet flushing uses the most water of all appliances. This Europa model by Foremost is a dual-flush toilet so it consumes less water and saves money. Use one button to flush liquids (4 litres per flush) and the other to flush solids (6 lpf). Some toilets are engineered to perform well using as little as 3 litres per flush—think of the savings!

dual-flush toilethigh-efficiency faucet    high-efficiency showerhead

Sink faucet

You’ll save more money every time you wash hands or brush teeth with a high-efficiency faucet like this Sky lavatory faucet. Efficient faucets mix air with water so you get the same strong pressure and performance while wasting less water. Look for the WaterSense label, which guarantees the tap has been independently certified to be efficient. Or find a sink faucet that uses a maximum of 5.7 litres (1.5 gallons) per minute—30 percent less than a standard model.


Complete the water-saving trio with a high-efficiency showerhead like this EcoRain model from Waterpik. A built-in aerator maintains water pressure and performance while reducing the cost of every shower. WaterSense recommends showerheads that use a maximum of 7.6 litres (2.0 galllons) per minute, so this rain showerhead is right on target. Actually, efficient showers save twice: less water and lower water-heating costs too. Well, as long as you keep showers short. Here are favourite money-saving shower songs.

Stay tuned: we’ll show off the finished bathroom in our next blog! Meanwhile, check out more beautiful Bathroom Remodeling ideas on EcoLiving.