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Well, after a bit of research, I have found that making your own baby food can be simple and fun! It is also a wonderful way to benefit your baby's early growth and development so well worth the effort if you can fit it into your lifestyle.

Ideal for moms on the go, is the ice cube tray method. The concept is simple: make large batches of baby food once or twice a week and then freeze them into single servings using ice cube trays.


1.Prep the ingredients (wash, peel, and chop)

2. Cook the ingredients using your method of choice (steam, bake, stovetop)

3. Puree the ingredients (pour into food processor or blender along with a little water and puree creating a soft and velvety texture)

4. Pour the puree into ice cube trays, cover and freeze.

5. Once frozen pop them out of the tray out and store in freezer bags. These can be use for up to two months.

Additional tips:

1. Use a wide variety of colorful steamed fruit and vegetables to make flavorful purees for your baby.

2. Experiment with all types of food to see what foods your baby is fond (or not fond) of.

3. Experiment with all types of flavor combinations.

4. Until your baby turns 1 year of age, avoid honey and raw eggs and egg whites.

As your baby grows, you can start to experiment with many different fruits and vegetables and continue to make both fresh and freezer ready baby food!

Best foods for baby:
Pears, apples, avocados and sweet potatoes have been gaining in popularity as excellent first foods for babies as they are both appetizing and contain several essential vitamins and nutrients beneficial for your baby. They are also plentiful and except for avocados, easy on the food budget.

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