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Just sitting here this Saturday morning reading the Globe and Mail, drinking my coffee and watching my incense burn.  The cats are fed.  It's supposed to rain all day.  That's good.  I can stay inside and relax a bit.  

I just got a call from my friend Ania.  Ania's awesome.  One of my favourite people.  Enigmatic.  A green energy consultant to a national union and a body painter who's work painting naked people is in demand all across North America.  I'm in the wrong line of work.  

Ania told me that according to the IESO (Independent Electricity Operator)web site this morning, 909 MW of wind-generated electricity are being produced this morning.  More than coal and almost as much as natural gas (1,158 MW).  I thought i'd share this.  I kinda' got a kick out of it for some reason or another.  

But hey, people, the real play and opportunity is in conservation and efficiency, not wind, solar, bio fuels etc.  Conservation.  You know, using less, being smarter about it and using things more efficiently. 

Anyway, back to my coffee.  

May 2010 

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