Jewels under the Kilt

We are a new fruit and nut orchard in Fergus Ontario. We have developed a roasting process using the last tapping of a maple tree to preserve the nut during roasting. We can take fresh fruit like apples, pumpkin, pears and peaches and roast them right on to the nuts. These nuts can be paired with cheese, used in salads, as a coating for meat or fish, dessert toppings or just pop them in your mouth for a great snack. The nuts were recently paired with the Grand Canadian champion cheese at the great Canadian cheese awards. We carry maple pecans, maple chipotle pecans, maple apple pie pecans, maple pumpkin pie pecans, maple cinnamon walnuts, maple pear ginger walnuts, maple peach walnuts, maple chocolate.
6325 Fifth Line, Fergus N1M2W5