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February 17, 2012

Get Outside, Get Fit, and Win!

Looking for ways to keep yourself and your family active during winter? Indoors and out, there are many ways to have fun and boost your well-being.

Outdoor fitness offers several mental and physical benefits – we’ll show you how to reconnect with nature. Yoga strengthens both body and mind. We’ll help you select a style that’s right for you. And for those who prefer gym workouts, we’ve got eight easy ways to avoid colds, flu and other common infections.

Last but not least, try this delicious vegetarian chili recipe from Pure Green Magazine. It’s the perfect comfort food for dark, short and cold days.

We want to hear from you! Click to share tips on staying healthy and active, and enter for your chance to win some of Green Living’s favourite health and fitness items, worth over $1,700!


Get Outside!
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Staying Healthy at the Gym
8 easy ways to avoid colds, flu, and other common infections... more»

Finding the Right Yoga for You
Different styles offer benefits for both body and soul... more»

Make This Tonight!
Jonathan’s Veggie Chili... more»

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