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January 6, 2012

To your health!

A new year and resolutions—the two naturally go hand in hand. Each year we have the chance to begin anew, so this year Green Living starts off by focusing on health and well-being for both ourselves and our planet. This week we bring you simple eco health tips, along with cool ways to use your human power to keep fit and generate energy. We also draw your attention to Environmental Defence’s “Just Beautiful” campaign, from which you may be shocked to learn what toxic ingredients we are exposing ourselves to. To cap it off, create a clean conscience with the tips available in “Greening Your Smoothie.”

To celebrate Health Month, Green Living brings you the chance to win the ultimate health, fitness, beauty and cleaning kits to kick-start your year.

Happy New Year!

The Power in Getting Fit
Turn your sweat into energy with eco-friendly fitness equipment. More»

The Toxic Truth
How you can take action against toxins in your personal care products. More»

Greening Your Smoothie
6 Tips for making your smoothie environmentally friendly
PLUS Carrot cake smoothie recipe!

Winter Biking Basics
We clear up the misconceptions about this great winter activity and offer some tips to help you stay riding all year long. More»

Green Events
New Year events that offer something for everyone... More»

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