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June 14, 2012

What can you do about climate change? Plenty

With the upcoming RIO+20 Conference next week, it is encouraging to see so many world leaders coming together to ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to reach the future we want. It’s overwhelming to think that our modern life is devastating our health and our world, and it’s easier for some to deny there’s a problem than accept that we all play a role in fixing it.

Taking responsibility is empowering — there’s so much we can do now! For starters, discover 9 ways to save the planet with actions as simple as installing a water-saving toilet. And of course make green choices at home — some insulation here, a high-efficiency showerhead here — to put money in your pocket. Find out which home improvements give you the best bang for the buck with a nifty calculator.

If food is your thing, please give a warm green welcome to Lynn Ogryzlo, a champion of local eating. You’ll get tips and mouth-watering recipes in her blog and ezine. Or start reducing your food miles. Devoting just $10 a week to locally grown food instead of imports could pump billions back into the Canadian economy.

Finally, we’ll give you the chance to WIN exciting prizes in support of slowing climate change.


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