Fire the Imagination with Barefoot Books

Watch your children's imagination catch on fire with these terrific books.

Just a Little Animation

Geared for children between age four to eight, Little Animation for Kids gives gentle lessons to kids about the environment a

An audio/video nature extravaganza

Birds chirp and water splashes as the words flow and everything collides into an irresistible dance beat.

Harry Potter goes green

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows may be breaking other records beside publishing ones.

Becoming the Kind Father

In our hyper-masculine world, boys are taught that being a man means not feeling anything and showing emotions is a sign of weakness.

Shadow of the Bear

Writers move into dangerous territory when they start talking about inspiration coming from dreams.

Thirsty for the truth

People say that the next war will be fought over water.

Celebrating Rachel Carson

In 1962, when Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was published, she was a lone voice challenging our growing dependency on chemicals.

Cheeky but practical advice on how to go green

Adria Vasil has been writing an entertaining and authoritative weekly column called Ecoholic in NOW, a weekly arts & entertainment magazine in Toronto, for almost fou