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54 trendy, green fashion finds

A healthier planet can start in our own closets. Green Living’s spring and summer fashion picks are both eco and chic, proving you can do good and look good. Click through to see our versatile head-to-toe looks.

Reduce your wardrobe’s water footprint

The fashion industry is facing many challenges, but one of the most pressing issues is water usage.

A brief history of Canadian eco-fashion

When, where and how did the sustainable fashion movement start in Canada?

Swapping for Fabulous Fashions

There is Autoshare, which gives its members access to a fleet of cars; Landshare, which connects growers to people with land to share; Rent frock Repeat, where users can rent designer dresses at a

Be my (eco) Valentine

Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance and, well…consumerism. This year, pick something that’ll appeal to your Valentine’s heart and conscience.

Green Living 2013 Gift Guide

Planet-friendly picks for everyone on your list

The Pocket Environmentalist

We’ve rounded up fantastic smartphone apps that put technology to work for both you and the environment.

Top eco-friendly picks for back-to-school gear

Head back to class with stuff that’s both green and stylish

Bamboo, we hardly know ye

Getting acquainted with bamboo’s true environmental impact


Want to outfit the family for some outdoor summer fun? Want that gear to be as green as the fields and forests you’re playing in?

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