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Product Review: The Joy of Soap

Company: The Joy of Soap

Item Tested: Hand-crafted, hand-cut vegetable recipe soap. (5oz $7.50, 2oz $3.50).

What Completes the Outfit? Some Argue It’s All about the Shoes

Simple Shoes, a sustainable footwear company, happily celebrates Summer with its BIO.D Footwear Collection, offering consumers and eco-fashion lovers footwear that won’t leave a mark on the environ

Your Beauty Questions Answered

David Suzuki’s Queen of Green on healthy deodorant, organic skincare and the safety of Vaseline and sunscreens

A follow up from LUSH

When we sent our Beauty Issue Newsletter out last week, we received a lot of feedback on the LUSH article and the Dirty Dozen List.

Greening the world, one photo at a time

The rumor is, it only takes a small step to make a big difference, when it comes to the environment. Little efforts can make a huge impact.

A LUSH interview

Known for its fun and very fragrant retail stores, LUSH just made Canada’s Top 30 Green Business!

Green with Envy

"Green is the new blonde" according to Green with Envy, an organic hair studio located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Beauty & The Bees

What started as a small idea is gathering quiet the momentum in the Salon Community.

Green Living Welcomes the Queen of Green as our guest editor for May!

Lindsay Coulter is David Suzuki's Queen of Green with the David Suzuki Foundation.

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