Healing from the hive

Honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, and venom. Bee products are abuzz with curative powers and nutrients -- just one more reason to save these furry insects.

Quick boost energy drinks give an even quicker crash

Do you reach for an energy drink when you need a boost? You may be letting yourself in for one gigantic let down.

Energetic promises

How to find ocean-friendly fish

The Ocean Wise program helps you make better fish choices

Sustainable winegrowing Fetzer style

California wines are famous for their high quality and diversity and but increasingly for their purity.

How green was my taqueria?

You need a whole new vocabulary to fully assess Red Fish, Blue Fish, the seafood taqueria that recently plunked itself onto a dock in Victoria, B.C

Vive la difference: Organic wine in France

Although eating organic has caught on in France, drinking organic has been slow to follow. A growing number of wine-producers are re-discovering the joys of "le vins bio."

Deep Green Chocolate Love

Your sweetheart deserves the best and shouldn't be popping chemicals along with Valentine bon-bons. Buying fair trade, organic chocolates spreads the love around.

Preserving the harvest

Eat local through the winter by preserving fall’s bounty now.

The dark side of fishing

Like many of earth's creatures, fish are becoming endangered and sport fishing is being re-examined around the world.

Exotic alternatives to beef

Mad cows and coughing chickens. They're enough to turn you into a vegetarian. But if you are willing to look beyond beef, there are healthier and more interesting alternatives.

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