Best Eco-Gifts in Hurry!

Great gift ideas that you can feel good about giving

3. Parkdale Butter Espresso Face Balm

Great for anyone who likes to feel pampered!

Parkdale Butter Espresso Face Balm

Espresso Face Balm has been especially formulated for use on the face, particularly around any wrinkles that may be forming. The Vitamin E in the soy butter helps to regenerate skin cells, and heal any visible abrasions. The Green Coffee seed extract smells divine (think shot of espresso) and the antioxidants in this extract have been shown to slow signs of aging and protect skin from further damage. The small amount of caffeine in this extract also increases circulation and tightens pores.

When applied under the eyes, it reduces dark circles and puffiness. Can also be used as a gentle make-up removal cream. This moisturizer contains no preservatives, perfumes or additives.

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