Green Birthdays

From biodegradable plates to nontoxic toys, check out these ideas for a child’s birthday party

With the next generation of Green Living Editors rocking and rolling around our office this summer, we found ourselves on the topic of birthday parties. With so many new ideas out there to make this event fun, green and cost effective it was topic we all discussed at length.

To help us bring it all together we went to our friend Susan Mey at Green Cricket to help us put together a list of new green ways to get the party started - plus Green Cricket is a one stop online shop. How convenient! Green Cricket was able to be provide us with tips and ideas, we had not thought of, as well as hosting some of our favourite green party finds.

So, here you go, some great ways to green the party (summer, birthday or just a fun day of the week!) that does not require giving up the fun!